Nano owners to be equipped like secret agents?

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Cue the Bond theme. Apple has been an engine of innovation in recent years, and one more breakthrough may be on the way, according to ReadWriteWeb – and this one might have users feeling like spies, consulting their wristwatches for messages.

“Apple may be working on an 'as-yet-undisclosed' feature that would let iOS 6 devices communicate via Bluetooth 4,” the news source said. “One possible – and likely – use case is enabling an iPod Nano to control, and display messages and other data from, an iPhone or iPad. The Nano, of course, can be strapped to a user's wrist and worn like a watch, thanks to third party accessories.”

Seth Weintraub wrote on 9to5Mac that this device could open up a lot of interesting possibilities for the wrist set, including the ability to make a call on a Mac or iPad with the Nano-watch as the go-between. While this technology won't instantly turn users into an international men (and women) of mystery, it certainly won't hurt that cause.

With cool things like this possibly on the way, aspiring Bonds with broken Apple devices may want to look into iPod or iPhone repair to get their devices powered up again.

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