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Happy Holidays everyone!

We have been busy trying to keep up with the piles of ipods, iphones, macbooks, macbook pros, powerbooks, ibooks, PSPs… etc., that Marlon (our UPS driver) brings to our dock every day. We always get a lot of repairs during the Holiday rush, but this year has been intimidating, to say the least.

Somewhere in the middle of the mass this week, we got an iPhone from Jessi over at the American Mustache Institute. Needless to say, she was pleased with our service and she even posted this little ditty about her experience: iResQ iPhone Repair Service <<< Check it out! I thought this was a great recap of our service and it was very entertaining as well. I can't help but laugh every time Jeff's mustache is brought up. The legend lives on…

Here's that link again:

Anyway, thank you Jessi for posting a great blog about us. We’re glad we could make your Holidays a little more merry. For everyone else, thanks for reading and thanks for contributing to another great year at iResQ. 2010 will be even better, I promise!

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