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To follow up on Brian’s last post; I very scientifically calculated the value per function of the Kindle vs. the iPad, and if the black and white reader costs $139, then the iPad should cost $4178.83 based on what it can do. Give or take a few pennies. And it starts at just $499. What a steal. Did anyone decipher what the lovely lady was reading? It’s Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. Choice excerpt, too- the language gets a little salty on the next page.

So Steve Jobs and his little-company-that-could became a technological empire by first conquering the mobile music device world, have made a significant dent in the home computer market, produce the most coveted phone in the world, and now have a “reader” that can do a heckuva lot more. So what’s next? Taking over your living room, of course. The first step was making the Apple TV a usable and affordable device rather than just a really expensive and small-capacity link to your iTunes library. But now the $99 streaming machine is poised to have it’s own App Store based on the iOS App Store that has become so popular for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Jobs told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this month that an Apple TV version of the App Store may be ready to launch in the near future. Which just may revolutionize how you watch tv.

The future of Pay-Per-View?

So keep an eye out for news on that, friends. In other news, the Chiefs are still atop the AFC West. 2 and 0. So there.

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