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Welcome back to the week, Monday fans. Good weekend, I trust? It was a decent one here in Kansas City for two reasons; awesome thunderstorms and the most respectable Chiefs draft in recent memory. With the occasional exception like Tony Gonzalez, Neil Smith or Derrick Thomas, most of my quarter-century love affair with the Chiefs has been plagued by the memory of draft busts. But perhaps no longer. Sure, fans in Seattle and Baltimore and possibly Detroit have a lot more to celebrate, but those of us who bleed bright red are feeling pretty content. Especially after Denver’s first round. If Tebow pans out, I’ll humbly eat my words, but come on. What are the chances?

I also spent some time this weekend digging through my iPod, uncovering some music that I haven’t listened to in months, or years in some cases. If you’re a music fanatic like me, and you have more than you can possibly listen to in any reasonable amount of time, I suggest you take an evening or a weekend and do the same. You may be surprised at what you find and how you can actually see the evolution of your tastes over time. Which brings me to my iTunes pick of the week. Just a little disclaimer, though. Finish reading and take a listen to the pick before you jump to hasty judgements.

Most of you probably only know him from the creepy waxy-supermodel fake band video for “Addicted to Love,” but back before the cheese made him famous, Robert Palmer was actually pretty funky. On 1975’s Pressure Drop, the English pop crooner pulls from some of the best funk and reggae influences of the time, not to mention uses Little Feat as his backup band for the record. At times it’s a bit scattered stylistically, but that does nothing to take away from the creativity of the songcraft and legitimacy of the covers of tracks like Allen Toussaint’s “Riverboat” or Toots and the Maytals’ “Pressure Drop.” So if you’re in the mood for a solid trip back into the days when white English lounge singers could actually be funky, check it out on iTunes.

Don't let the lack of pasty mannequin women fool you- it's the same Robert Palmer.
Don't let the lack of pasty mannequin women fool you- it's the same Robert Palmer.

Have a great, everybody. I already can’t wait for September 9th.

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