Make the most of AirPlay Mirroring

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Apple has offered a version of screen sharing technology since it introduced AirTunes in 2004, but many iOS and Mac users still do not take advantage of the technology, which allows them to display pictures or video on a connected TV. However, among screen mirroring services, Apple's is the most popular.

A recent study by the NPD group found that while 40 percent of U.S. tablet and smartphone owners were aware of the mirroring functions on their devices, just 7 percent had actually used them. Apple's AirPlay was the most commonly recognized service, followed by Samsung's AllShare and Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass. Of the people who had used screen-sharing technology, 75 percent reported using their devices to mirror videos, while 50 percent said they had mirrored photos.

“Screen sharing solutions are somewhat new, many only launched in 2012, so we don't expect a lot of consumers to be using the technology yet,” said John Buffone, NPD's Director of Devices. “The awareness number is a positive indicator and will help build the foundation to engage more customers with second screen experiences.”

Using AirPlay
One of the impediments to more widespread screen-sharing is that the technology requires enabled devices such as Apple TV. People who own iPads or iPhones and Apple TV can activate mirroring by connecting their iOS device to the same network as their Apple TV. Then, they can double-click the Home Button to display recently used apps and swipe left to right until a screen icon appears. Clicking on this icon will display a list of available AirPlay devices, and users can enable AirPlay Mirroring by selecting their Apple TV and switching the Mirroring option to “On.”

Mirroring lets Apple device owners synchronize all their home technology. If you're prone to excited outbursts when streaming video and happen to break your iPhone or iPad while watching your favorite shows or movies, however, you can rely on iResQ's iPhone repair or iPad repair services to get the device working again in no time.

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