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Hello. Long time no bloggy.

I’ve been really busy as of late getting ready to visit other parts of the world. In March, my girlfriend and I are going to Puerto Morales to hang out in the sun and visit some Mayan ruins and hopefully not get sick or bitten by a deadly mosquito. I can speak Spanish OK. It was one of the subjects I actually had a decent time with back in high school. Granted, that was about 15 years ago so needless to say I’m a bit foggy on the ol español. To make matters even more complicated, I am going to Europe in May to tour with my band. We’re going to play Paris, Austria, Amsterdam, Berlin, and a bunch of other places. I don’t know ANY of those languages including the eloquent dialect known as “Paris”. I just don’t want to go to these places and be the dumb American, you know?
So the point of all this is can anyone suggest a good, fairly inexpensive electronic translator? I’ve been thinking about buying one so I can at least ask where the bathroom is, do you speak English, where do I order beer, etc.

If you know of anything good and cheap, shoot me an email at mick@iresq.com or post back here. In exchange, I’ll provide to you this weekly deal of a lifetime

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