Living the Dream.

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I’ve had this recurring dream since I started playing the drums when I was 14. I go to see some band or artist in concert and, upon arrival, there’s an announcement that the show is cancelled due to illness/injury/unexplained absence of the drummer. Then some member of the band (Rivers Cuomo on more than one occasion) steps out into the crowd and asks if there are any drummers that know the set and can spontaneously fill in. Which, of course, I do. Then I rock and save the show and everyone’s night and everybody loves me, etc., etc. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m about to live the dream. Sort of. A really lame distortion of the dream, anyway.

My wife’s cousin called me up over the weekend and told me that the drummer in his band can’t play tonight in the Battle of the Bands at Harrah’s Casino and they need me to fill in. Um, that is, the Rock Band video game Battle of the Bands. I know, I know. Awesome. (This would be a perfect opportunity for me to propose my idea to designate a specific font for heavy sarcasm. Since it does not yet exist, I’ll clarify. Awesome = Not really that awesome). Still, it’s as close as I’ll probably ever come to hopping up on stage with a proper rock legend. So wish me luck. We’re shooting for fourth place and the iPod Nano prize that the honor affords.

I was going to issue an email coupon, but let’s make this a little more interactive, eh? If you could live the dream and sit in with any act in history, who would it be? I think I’d go Duke Ellington, ca. 1971. Email your answer and your invoice number or web confirmation number to for $10 off your next MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair, good through April 30th. Until next week, friends. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

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