Knock-off Lightning connectors could be the root of ‘battery issues’

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Generally speaking, there is nothing that separates high-end cables from the cheaper ones. There are a number of different connection needs that can be just as easily met with a third-party knock-off as they can with the real thing. AV and home theater cables are a great example of this phenomenon. The iPhone Lightning cable, however, is not. This is further complicated by the fact that scammers will try to pass fakes off as the real deal, only to have them break shortly after purchase or refuse to operate altogether.

“There are a handful of brands that sell Apple Lightning cables for the iPhone and iPad, but there are also a ton of knock-off brands that make lookalike cables that are very cheaply made,” wrote GottaBe Mobile contributor Craig Lloyd. “Usually, you can tell the difference between real Lightning cables and knock-offs, but cheap brands are getting better at making their knock-off cables look more genuine than ever.”

This is something that iPhone users need to watch out for. Nothing can be more frustrating than thinking a phone battery is reaching its end-of-life or malfunctioning when it's really just a poorly-made cord that's to blame. Before flipping out and thinking that a battery replacement is in your future, consider recent cable purchases and learn how to spot a fraud.

Consider aesthetics
​Lightning cables might all look the same at first glance, but there are some finer points of detail that are dead giveaways. Much of this comes from how the plugs themselves are shaped, and what materials they are made out of. If they look somewhat different than official Apple cords, then you've got yourself a fake.

“The clearest difference in most knock-off cables is that the genuine Lightning cable will have the white piece inside of the metal connector perfectly rounded in the corners, while the fake one will most likely be squared off somewhat,” Lloyd stated. “Furthermore, the entire metal piece of the genuine connector is one single metal piece, while the knockoff is made out of several metal pieces cheaply pressed together.”

Unknowingly, having a cord like this can cause a lot of problems. For one, you're not going to get your money's worth. But for those that don't realize they possess an inferior product, it can lead to battery concerns that might be seemingly unfounded. Is your iPhone not holding a charge right or failing to power up? Consider where you got your last Lightning cable. If it was from anywhere besides an Apple Store, you might be able to hold off on a full battery replacement.

But like other pieces of technology, smartphone batteries can wear out over time or even die unexpectedly due to a malfunction – or even from a hard hit to the device itself. Having iPhone 5c battery problems? Contact the folks at iResQ today. We specialize in smartphone repairs and part replacements that can be required in all sorts of circumstances. 

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