Keeping up with summer: Some of the best iOS weather apps

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Are you feeling the heat? Summertime is usually the time of year to break out the hand fan and sunglasses to stay (and look) cool, but your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can also help out. ​Apple's App Store has an array of stylish and useful weather apps that track temperatures and conditions with their well-crafted graphics, so let's take a look at what makes a good weather app and how to pick the right one for you.

Weather apps typically provide either a plethora of information or not much at all, according to Los Angeles Times contributor Jessica Naziri, and this can make it tough to branch out from the iOS Weather stock app and pick a good replacement. Apple's Weather app provides a relatively minimalist set of forecasts, temperatures and illustrations for a city. However, it will be updated with an entirely new interface in the upcoming iOS 7, which Apple demonstrated would include live animations for conditions like snowfall. In this respect, it appears to draw inspiration from third-party applications like Yahoo Weather, which CIO contributor James A. Martin argued provided an exciting alternative to the staid iOS 6 Weather app.

Yahoo Weather
Yahoo Weather is a free app that integrates with the photo-sharing service Flickr. When you view weather conditions for your city, the readings are accompanied by a corresponding Flickr photo that shows rainfall during a storm or clouds during an overcast day, for example. The app provides a wide range of information, such as barometric pressure, humidity, UV index and visibility conditions. It offers forecasts up to five days, as well a map of weather conditions.

Dark Sky
For $3.99, you can use Dark Sky, which is focused on short-term local forecasts. Dark Sky provides rich textual summaries of both current and future conditions and allows users to submit their own weather reports, which Naziri noted were instrumental to Dark Sky's goal of keeping its users safe from precipitation.

If you require large amounts of weather information, then WeatherPro may fit the bill. In addition to animated radar maps and a seven-day forecast, WeatherPro supplies information about sunrise and sunset, which is a rare feature for weather apps, said TUAW contributor Mel Martin.

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