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I just got Gus Johnson’d


Gus is my favorite commentator.    You can’t get enthusiasm like this anywhere else nowadays.    As I type this I can hear the Mizzou/Clemson matchup, and Gus is successfully captaining another great game.    During NFL season, I love when Gus carries our Chiefs games.    Nobody captures the excitement of a Jamaal Charles TD run like Gus.

Some of the other guys are pretty good, but my personal favorite is GJ.    Yep, you guessed it, I just got Gus’d again!

In honor of March Madness and my man Gus J, let’s do a new QPON.    Just place an order for any of our flat rate services and email me your order number and the QPON ‘GUS‘ to and I’ll knock 6 bucks off of your order.    As always THIS QPON DOES NOT APPLY TO DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES! Only flat rate repairs.    I’ll honor this QPON until my KU Jayhawks win this 2010 Nat’l championship in a couple weeks. ***edit*** with the unfortunate passing of my 2010 Jayhawks, I will honor the QPON until a nat’l champion is decided.    Clearly, I jinxed the game last Sat with my blog post***

Hope your brackets are doing well after yesterday’s amazing games.

Until next time – Mick

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