Jobs is Returned.

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First, let’s all give Mr. Steve Jobs a hearty welcome back. After receiving a liver transplant in April (and allegedly beating pancreatic cancer prior to that) the tech world’s favorite CEO returned to Apple on Monday. Apparently he’s easing in to part-time at this point, but it’s a good sign nonetheless. Speedy recovery, Steve. I think there’s an App for that.

Well, Snow Leopard is rolling and the 13″ Unibody MacBook Pro has a Firewire port again. Joy! And talk about price drop. You can get your hands on a MacBook Pro for $1199. That’s less than I paid for my 500MHz iBook G3 when I went to college. And it’s a heckuva lot more machine for the money. And speaking of more machine for the money, the iPhone 3G just keeps getting better. Video, increased storage capacity, more user-friendly GPS. Yee haw.

So did you all listen to Apple’s ads and go buy your dads a new iPod, iPhone or MacBook? No? Some consumers you are. Hope you all had a good Father’s Day anyway. It was my first, of sorts, but seeing as my kid is the size of a peach, I didn’t get a new iPod either.

Keep reading friends- we’ll have new deals that will blow your mind coming soon. Until next week…

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