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My heart goes out to all in the world that have had to experience the horrors of a natural disaster. Indeed, this year has been a tumultuous one given all that mother nature has thrust upon us. It seems that we, as citizens of the world, have either witnessed (whether through the media or firsthand) or have been directly affected by a natural disaster so far in 2011. We have seen earthquakes, floods, tornados, wild fires, and more in this young year. Just a couple nights ago not far from iResQ, Joplin, MO was hit hard with the worst tornado in its history. Our hearts go out to the entire city. If you have the time, please visit the Red Cross website and please make a contribution. Any little bit helps.

As deeply as this saddens us, through certain travesties arise heroes and goodwill. I just read an amazing Sports Illustrated article about a local Kansas City Chief and former University of Alabama football player, Javier Arenas.

Before we get into his harrowing story, lets talk about what he means to us here at iResQ. It’s no secret, iResQ is is located in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, home to the NFL Chiefs. When you send your Apple device to iResQ for repair, your device will be in the hands of a Kansas City metro resident. We are proud to be in service in America’s heartland. And naturally, there are a lot of die hard Chiefs fans here. Javier Arenas was drafted and played his rookie season with the Chiefs in 2010. For a rookie, I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our kick/punt return team (along with my personal favorite, Dexter McCluster). I encourage you to read the article so I won’t say too much. What I do want to say is that when you are a big time athlete in a smaller community like Tuscaloosa, simply being around to help means a lot. The article illustrates this beautifully. In the wake of the April 27th tornado that ravaged Tuscaloosa and other communities in Alabama, Javier Arenas, who was in the middle of it all, was on his way back to his Kansas City home when his heart got to him. He stocked up on relief supplies and headed back to Tuscaloosa to help out.

Now there is no telling what anyone would do when something like this happens. I think it takes a lot to do what Javier did. If there is any one Chief to pull for this season (if there is a season this year) you have to root for this guy.

I heard this story on the radio a couple days ago and had to share. I know I didn’t really hit on the subject of Apple products and repairs, but when a story like this comes out I feel obligated to share it for all who care to read. After all, we wouldn’t want to bore you to death talking about nothing but screen repairs every time we post a blog. Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading, if not this blog, then hopefully the SI article linked above. At the very least, visit the Red Cross website and make a donation. Even $10 helps.


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