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Did you folks know that $1.5 trillion in gift cards go unspent every year? Ok, I completely made that statistic up. But I heard someone say once that the total revenue for wasted gift cards is pretty high. Actually, I heard John Tesh say that, but don’t judge me- the radio in my car was broken over the holidays and the tuner was stuck on one station. Moving on.

I bring this up because I just discovered a plethora of unredeemed iTunes cards that I forgot I even had. And what’s better than loading up an iPod or iPhone with a bunch of free music? I can only think of one thing, but this isn’t the right forum to discuss the superiority of Kansas City barbecue. Again, moving on.

I’ve been perusing the multitude of records available on iTunes this week, and I’ve decided to share a couple of things with you nice people. If you’re into hipster indie rock, the new OK Go album is pretty impressive by itself, but even more impressive is the video for their new single This Too Shall Pass. Check it out:

This Too Shall Pass

One of the best records I’ve heard all week is actually a series of EPs by Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman. I used to go see Switchfoot play at a basement coffee house when I was a little punk kid almost fifteen years ago, so it’s a bit of fresh to hear some acoustic multi-instrument folk rock from the guy. He released four six-track EPs aptly titled Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Fall starts out a little Chris Martin-y, but those of you who, like me, don’t love Coldplay should keep listening, because there’s great stuff coming. In particular, “March (A Prelude to Spring)” and “A Mirror is Harder to Hold.” So there you go, my iTunes pick of the week. Go check out the store and lose yourself in headphones for a while. Peaces.

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