It’s official — Football is here!

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Hello all, just dropping in to let you know that it’s football season! So how about that Brett Favre, huh? Just kidding. I won’t ever mention him again, promise.

The NFL preseason is in full swing, which really only means that you can see football-like activity but the games don’t mean anything — except to some of the people out in Vegas.

Regardless, I’m ready to make the switch to football. No offense to baseball, but you have to realize that we are based in Kansas City, home of the Royals.

I’ll be watching the Chiefs’ first game against the Atlanta Falcons tonight because I’m kind of a football junkie and have always been a Chiefs fan. I am a fan of college football as well, so the preseason is a chance to see some of the new NFL players who I saw play every Saturday last year. Fun times!

So from all the sports nuts here at iResQ, we hope everyone has a wonderful football season. May your favorite team have a great season (unless they play the Chiefs)! May you get an early draft pick in your fantasy draft.


Don’t forget the endzone dancing!

Have a great weekend and we’ll be back with more Apple repairs on Monday.

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