It’s Here!!

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Well what a day we have here- the new 3G iPhone is out and about. We had one of our eccentric salesguys wait in line overnight just so that we could have one to take apart. It turned out pretty good and the new phone looks beautiful with its shiny white back. Just precious. And we have taken it apart and put it back together with complete success. Stay tuned for pictures.

It does seem as though ol’ AT&T and Apple got a little overzealous with their “only activating in stores policy”. Apparently the network was jammed due to the huge ammount of people trying to activate, and at this point most iPhones have not even been activated yet, boy I tell ya. Not to worry though- I’m sure that all of these issues will be resolved in no time. I mean we are talking about Apple here. It’s not the first time they’ve released a sweet piece of awesomeness and had a few glitches in the process. Remember the Apple II? Man, Number Munchers didn’t work for like a week! Just kidding. I was but a boy when that young gun was released.

Well as you can tell I am a little scatter-brained today. I am so excited about this new iPhone that I’m losing my mind. With that thought I bid you farewell- have a great weekend and be safe.

–Hurry up and activate that iPhone will ya–

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