It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like iChristmas.

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Salutations, everybody. Is everyone having a pleasant December? I took the day off on Friday because it was my daughter’s second birthday, and we had a fantastic day. We went down to the local donut shop in the morning, had a photographer friend take some pictures, went to see Santa, and had one heck of a birthday bash, complete with a butterfly-shaped ice cream cake. And, in a bit of an experiment, we went to Target and let her pick out her own birthday present. Somewhat predictably, she picked out the guitar in the shape of a dog:


It’s actually a pretty cool gadget, with a slew of preset songs and chords and three different tone settings- acoustic, electric, and howl. Yep. Dog guitar. I recommend it to all parents of toddlers.

And for those of you who are still looking for those last minute holiday gifts, Apple is still in high-ad mode. Check out their latest iPhone 4s ad:


I hope Santa brings me one.

Well have a marvelous week everyone. We will around here- We’ll be closed on the 26th but back to take care of you on the 27th. Oh yeah, and my apologies to all Packers fans for ruining your perfect season. I don’t know what happened.

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