It’s About Time.

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Hello my blogofriends. Lots of exciting things happening around these parts in the sporting world. The Chiefs officially have one of the greatest pairs of Offensive/Defensive Coordinators in the history of the league since adding Romeo Crennel to the staff already improved by the signing of Charlie Weis. I’m not saying there’s another Patriots-esque dynasty coming, but it’s good news for those of us that haven’t had good news in a few years. Also, the ninth-ranked Wildcats of Kansas State took down the previously unbeaten Longhorns last night. Pow.

But onto Apple matters, it’s been as busy as ever as we turned the corner into 2010 here at iResQ. Just last week we repaired more MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and Mac Minis than any week previous. And in the middle of ice and snow and an uncharacteristic six-day fog covering the whole city. Spooky. Thanks to everyone who gave us the privilege of working on your Apple notebooks, iPods and iPhones, and keep us bookmarked in case disaster strikes. Check last week’s post for a coupon code good until February 1st, and have a great week!

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