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Happy Monday morning, everybody. Is anyone as worn out from the weekend as I am? We had ourselves a little First Birthday party on Saturday, and boy was it an event. My daughter wasn’t really sure what to think of the droves of people coming into our house, shoving big shiny packages her way and excitedly staring at her while shouting “happy birthday” in her direction. Needless to say, she slept well. And now I could use a nap. Alas, it’s a short week here at iResQ. We’ll be closed this Friday for Christmas Eve, so be sure to get your orders in by Thursday afternoon if you want your iPod, iPhone, iPad or MacBook safely in your hands by the New Year.

And speaking of giving gifts this week, it’s been an interesting weekend of give and take in the Kansas City sports world. First, Merry Christmas Milwaukee Brewers. The Kansas City Royals, the sporting world’s perennial punch line, gave you one of baseball’s best young pitchers in Zack Greinke. And in exchange the Royals got a few one-time top-ten Brewers prospects, one of whom has tested positive for drug use on three separate occasions. So, let the jokes continue next spring. On a sidenote, I once stayed at a cabin where Greinke lived while his house in Kansas City was being renovated, and there are few things more empowering to a sports fan than sleeping in the same room as an AL Cy Young winner. Try it.

And Merry Christmas Chiefs fans as well. After a humiliating trouncing at the hands of San Diego (and under second-string QB Brody Croyle), the Chiefs welcome Iron Man Matt Cassel back from his post-surgery recuperation. And did he ever make a statement upon his return. 184 yards and a touchdown isn’t stellar, but it’s not bad, and his effective running and smart play completely set the pace of the game and opened up the offense for the league’s best running game. And all that eleven days after having an organ removed from his abdomen. Tough as nails. Take a look at some of the highlights:

Just a few more weeks until playoffs. It’s an exciting time. Until next week, friends.

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