Is it seriously Thanksgiving already? Wow.

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Well, here I am in dark, gray, drizzly KC.   It snowed a couple days ago.    I’ve got my space heater cranked as I type this.    My KU vest snugly worn, as I talk trash around the office about how good (and lucky we were last night to get out of there with a win) our basketball team is.    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a week away.   Crazy.    I was just riding my motorcycle to work not 2 weeks ago — 78 and sunny out.   I mean, I don’t dislike the cold weather…. not until about Jan 2nd.    Then it gets REALLY depressing around here – dark at 5PM, 10 degrees, icy, dirty snow everywhere.   Yuck.


I’ve been actually preparing for that time this week, the annual vacation search has begun.   My girlfriend and I always go off to somewhere tropical for a week or so (I think I blogged about our cruise last year) in Jan/Feb.    The prices are steep man!   I probably need to wait another month or so before deciding on something.    But basically, I need this vacation to survive.   It’s like a depression vaccine and I need it on an annual basis.   If I don’t get it I get very cranky.   My friends here at iResQ  don’t know this level of grouchiness yet and I hope they never see it!


But I digress… I like the holidays.   I’ve got The Ultimate Motown Christmas album playing right now.   I’m not sure how Boyz II Men got in there, but whatever.   Need to pick out a tree next week too.    Busy times.


You know, I haven’t done a QPON in a long, long time.   Let’s do a nice one this time — how about 10 bucks off any repair, NOT DIAGNOSISOnly applies to FLAT RATE REPAIR SERVICES ordered through our site!   Just email me your order confirmation number and the QPON ‘EGG NOGS’ to and I’ll apply the discount toward your order.    QPON will expire New Year’s Day, Jan 1 2010.   Get it quick!


Have a wonderful holiday season, relax, spend time with the family and friends.   Don’t take a day for granted.    Until the next post……



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