iResQ Now Offering the iNatestache

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I am very pleased to announce that we are now offering the brand new iNATESTACHE.    No longer will you fret about the inability to grow a big thick beard like mine, or a gorgeous Hall & Oates Stache like John “best mustache in the business” Oates.    Nope, now you can take advantage of the latest world wide web hit sensation the iNATESTACHE.


All you have to do is order the iNATESTACHE for the very low price of 29.99 and we’ll ship you the secret recipe to finally look like this handsome gentleman:

n591584063_1697376_3083907.jpg  hall_oates_program.jpg

Alright, just kidding – it’s April Fool’s day and I just wanted an excuse to post a ridiculous picture of Nate “The Man of the Hour” Isengard.

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