iPhone 5c battery life tips for everyone

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While the iPhone 5c is a great phone, sometimes its battery life is not so great. This tends not to be a function of any problem with the phone hardware itself so much as how it is being used. While the battery life does pay off after it has been used for a long time, in general consumers who are using the iPhone 5c will typically be having trouble with the battery life because of some settings they have enabled, not because of the hardware. Included below are some iPhone 5c battery life tips that can help anyone get more power out of their phone, so they can spend more time texting.

A major problem with many settings people have is that they suck the power right out of their phones. According to ZDNet, the list of services that can run in the background of your phone and use up your battery is long. In general, you will want to turn off the things that take up the most battery first, so be sure that you've disabled your GPS, Wi-Fi, and automatic updates for apps unless they're absolutely necessary. Simply turning these features off can wind up saving you a lot of battery life with minimal disruption in your normal routine. Just be sure to turn your Wi-Fi setting back on when you get home so that you can get those updates downloaded. Even certain uploads of pictures on to the cloud can be turned off in order to allow a battery to stretch.

Other tweaks
The website iPhone Hacks has a good list of tips that can help anyone make their iPhone last a bit longer. One of the smartest of these is to turn on Auto-Brightness, which is a feature that allows a phone to spend less energy lighting up the screen when it is lighter in a room. For most users, the screen takes up the majority of the battery life on their phone, so any use that winds up cutting in to the cost the screen uses can have a dramatic effect on the life of the batter as a whole.

If your phone battery still isn't performing as well as you'd like after trying out all of the tips above, it may need to be replaced. Contact us here at iResQ so that we can replace your battery for you and get you a new one quickly, so that you can get back to using your phone the way you want to.

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