Is your iOS Device Infected With Malware?

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malwareIt has been said that 2015 is expected to be the year iPhones and iPads become exposed to cybercriminals penetrating their systems via malware attacks. Mobile malware analysts give insight in regards to the malware containing Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. Different malware target different operations on iOS devices, but many gain access to your GPS records, processes, contacts, pictures, text messages, installed apps, Wi-Fi status, and can even start voice recording without your knowledge. By gaining access and control of your personal information, business information, and Wi-Fi, you lose peace of mind and possible financial loss as well.

Recent Problems with Malware

Just recently, hundreds of thousands of iPhone users fell victim to the iOS malware attack by Wirelurker. The hackers infected more than 450 iPhone apps during the Wirelurker hacking campaign. Initially, it affected phones that had already been “jailbreaked” but then transmitted and infected other iOS devices and Mac desktops via USB. Do you have a damaged device that fell victim to the Wirelurker hack attack? Consult an experienced iPhone and iPad mobile repair expert to get rid of it for good!

The X-Agent app was discovered to collect your private information by running in the background and under silent operation. Its programming sent text messages, while also receiving commands and altering your phone’s functions without your knowledge. On iOS 7 when the program was killed, it would immediately restart silently and the icon was hidden. However, on iOS 8, the icon is visible and the malware doesn’t reset automatically after being terminated. This has given the impression the hackers designed the malware prior to the release of iOS 8.

Another malicious malware named MadCap, an iOS game, attacked jailbroken devices and began recording audio. Obviously, this is no good since all your private discussions and such can be recorded and transmitted to criminals.

Malware is a pain to deal with, and can corrupt your phone and peace of mind. Sometimes, people turn to us thinking their mobile device is broken when it’s really a malware problem. Luckily, we can help you. With our free diagnostics, we can find out if your mobile device needs a repair or if you need to have the malware taken care of. Contact us today for more information.

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