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Illinois ipad repairMilitary families have a difficult time staying connected while the active duty member is overseas. Their iPads are one of the most prized possessions they have because it’s one of the only devices that enable them to see and hear their loved ones.

When an iPad falls to the ground and cracks, it can be devastating for both the military member and the family. It’s the one thing that was able to connect them.

That’s why we wanted to tell you the story of an Illinois iPad repair we received recently.

An active duty military service man was deployed when his daughter dropped her iPad. She was very distressed because it was so cracked, she couldn’t use it to see her dad.

While Overseas, her dad searched online for an iPad repair service, and quickly found iResQ. After reviewing some of the awesome testimonials our kind customers have posted around the Internet, he decided to send in his daughter’s iPad to us.

All she had to do was get some help with putting it in a box and sticking the shipping label to the front.

We received the iPad and quickly changed out the cracked screen and sent it back the same day. Now, a daughter and father are connected again. She was able to see her daddy again, and the smiles they shared were probably priceless.

The father wrote to us after his daughter had her iPad back and wanted to let us know we did a fine job and would be sending HIS cracked iPad to us once he returns to the states.

We want to thank this customer as well as all of the other service men and women who are away from their families. We know you depend on your iPads to get through these difficult times apart, and we are privileged to be able to help you continue your connection with your loved ones.

Image courtesy of The National Guard from Flickr

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