If you drop it in the loo, call iResQ

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They say some people have all the luck. And, when it comes to cellphones, some people are very unlucky. Winona Dimeo-Ediger is one of these unlucky few. Writing on The Frisky recently, she bemoaned that all her phones break. The most recent victim was an Android device. If Dimeo-Ediger opts for an iPhone to replace it, she may want to keep iResQ on speed dial.

“Every phone I’ve ever owned has met a tragic and untimely death,” she wrote. “Whether it’s the toilet, the concrete, the washing machine, a sandy beach, or a spilled glass of juice, I am an expert at breaking cell phones.”

Dimeo-Ediger wrote that she swore to take better care of her most recent phone, but only days later dropped it on the ground and saw a cracked screen. Taking a cue from the Paul Simon classic “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” she said there must be at least 50 ways to break a phone. She conjured up these 50 potential scenarios, such as “Drop it in the loo, Stew,” “Leave it on the stove, Clove,” and “Dip it in an acid vat, Matt.”

With iResQ, people don't have to worry about the loo, and cracked screens are no reason to leave your phone for another. If your phone has really been dropped in acid, it may be beyond help, but for more commonplace issues, iResQ's technicians can undertake quick and reliable iPhone repair.

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