iBreak: The Daily Roundup (5/13)

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Getting to the root of a pixel problem

  • The situation: An Iowa resident sent his computer in to us because he noticed severe pixel distortion. It was a problem that had started small, but quickly spread.
  • What caused it: The man easily traced the problem to a fall the computer had sustained during a recent move. However, according to the customer, the screen's pixels were already starting to turn black and white before this incident.
  • The solution: In tracing this problem to its point of origin, we'll determine the degree of repair necessary. For all our other customers, though, this scenario perfectly illustrates why you must have a strong computer case that can easily withstand a drop. A flimsy satin case may look cool, but its ineffectiveness will be proven when it meets with concrete.

Glass crack leads to interference

  • The situation: We should start by pointing out that many, many people have cracked iPhones. According to one poll, 25 percent of iPhones in circulation bear the marks of a screen-splintering fall. And yet for one unlucky Virginia customer, a screen crack in his iPhone led to the device's screen not responding to his touch, leading him to contact us for an iPhone screen repair
  • What caused it: The man dropped the phone from the bleachers, where he was presumably watching some kind of sporting event. The probable high height of the fall likely contributed to the severity of the crack. Thus, whereas many people can walk around with crack-strewn phones, this man's iPhone injury has prevented him from even dialing phone numbers.
  • The solution: An iPhone screen repair is clearly in order here. After all, if you can't even make calls, it's high time to swap out that screen.

iPhone in bad shape after airport restroom debacle

  • The situation: A man from Wisconsin reached out to us for an iPhone repair after his wife's device experienced some water damage.
  • What caused it: A sink may be a great place to cleanse your hands, but it's the last place you want to leave your iPhone. Unfortunately, after a hectic trip, his wife accidentally left her iPhone in the sink at the airport, where it evidently underwent some significant water damage. Upon having the phone returned to her, the woman noticed that not only did the LCD display reveal many fine lines that interfered with phone viewing, but also the device was unable to hold a charge when disconnected from her PC, turning this mobile phone into an unfortunately immobile device.
  • The solution: An iPhone repair carried out in-house will get to the root of the problem, and we'll be able to restore the phone to its previous functionality. For all days, but particularly those days when you know you'll be moving a lot and/or accident-prone, we highly recommend a protective case like the one offered by Lifeproof.  Priced at a mere $14, the case can end up saving you untold sums in repair costs.

Random shut downs should not be the norm

  • The situation: You know you've got a problem when your phone keeps powering off for now apparent reason. After that happened enough times, a Georgia woman made the wise choice to send his device to us.
  • What caused it: The cause is unknown at this point.
  • The solution: We plan to do a bit of digging in order to uncover the underlying cause of the problem. This is a good time to mention that for anyone out there whose iPhone exhibits weird glitches like this but who doesn't necessarily want to commit to a costly repair, we offer a free 24-hour diagnostic service. What this involves is some free time on our end figuring out what's wrong with your device. Once we pin down the source, the rest is up to you. We'll give you a quote on the repair, and you can either choose to proceed with us or have the phone returned to you. 

Hey battery, where did your charge go?

  • The situation: A phone battery is not much good if it can't hold a charge, and that's the situation a Minnesota man is facing. To remedy the problem, he shipped his device in to us.
  • What caused it: The man pointed out that he'll charge the battery all night only to experience 30 minutes of solid battery life. What this indicates is that the battery is old and on its last legs, and that natural deterioration has contributed to shorter and shorter life spans. This is a problem that can be remedied via an iPhone battery replacement, but there are also preventive measures that iPhone users can take to prevent battery loss, including only charging the device after the battery is fully drained and trying to limit use of apps or services that are notoriously battery-taxing (turning Wi-Fi off when you're not using it, for instance, can save your phone a lot of needless work). 
  • The solution: We'll do a battery replacement and return his device.
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