iBreak story: From flashlight to flattened

iPhone / General Knowledge

Much like watches, flashlights have somewhat been replaced by advancements in smartphones. From apps to maxed-out screen brightness, iPhones have been used to shed some light in dark places and see beneath more than one couch. But when one Medina, N.Y., man needed to get a good look inside of his car, he found himself with a broken iPhone that would no longer function properly after he closed the hood on it.

That's where iResQ came in. The man sent the device in for repair, making sure to note that he had attempted to repair it once before, resulting in an improper backplate installation and a few missing screws. A broken power button and raised logic board were also identified as contributors to the lack of performance. The man authorized iResQ to install new, replacement parts including a proper backplate. Upon completion of the repairs, he received his iPhone back in perfect working order.

Have a similar story? Damage an iPhone while trying to see in the dark? Service is available for everything from cracked screens to hardware replacement. Visit iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs.    

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