Short Circuits

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Well, another Thursday has come, and you all know what that means!  Nope, not another terrible installment of American Idol.  Yep, I just trashed American Idol, deal with it.  Anyway, Thursday means that it is the Man of the Hour’s time to shine here on the internets.

Earlier this week I managed to find possibly the worst video that I have ever seen on YouTube.  I was trying to find a clip of a “short-circuit” for reasons I will not disclose in this blog.  I hope you all enjoy this video.  I don’t remember this movie being particularly bad.  Maybe it was just the sheer hotness of Ally Sheedy that made it bearable, who knows.

Please enjoy this terrible video:

OK if you actually made it through that video, you deserve a QPON. Let’s do a QPON for 5 bucks off of ANY repair service. As always, this does not apply toward any diagnostic services, ONLY REPAIRS. Just create an order and email the confirmation number to Mick at with the QPON code “SHORT CIRCUIT” and he’ll knock 5 bucks off of your order.

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