I need bowling lessons

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I need bowling lessons.  I am terrible and I’m sick of it.    I play in a league with some old friends every other Friday night, and while we’re not the least bit serious about bowling, I’d still like to stop being horrible at it.    I’m just a basic straight roller and I want to be one of those guys who can throw the curvy ball that always works.    I just googled ‘bowling lessons’ and found nothing.   Why aren’t people out there giving out private lessons?    Seems like a nice little business idea – too bad I suck at it otherwise I’d offer lessons.   Someone could corner the bowling-lessons-for-32-year-old-guy-with-beer-gut market.    I’m gonna watch some video of curvy-ball-throwers, strap on my iPod and go practice.

So getting to the QPON this week, I’m sad to say that the hit QPON ‘PERFECT STRANGERS’ is now expired.   I will offer though, a new QPON ‘GUTTER BALLZ’ and knock 5 bucks off of any repair for the next week or two.   Just email me at mick@iresq.com with your order number and I’ll apply the 5 dollar discount. As always, this does not apply to any diagnostic service, only repairs.

Have an nice one and enjoy this random animated gif.

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