I have weather fatigue with you, Kansas City.

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Listen. This isn’t so much a complaint as an observation, but the last two weeks in Kansas City looked like this: Thursday, 65 degrees. Saturday, 6 inches of snow. Thursday, 75 degrees. Sunday, thunderstorm. Tonight, allegedly more snow. I’m all for variety, but if the weather doesn’t stop jerking me around I’m up and leaving. Last night on my way home from Columbus, Ohio our plane circled a storm above Kansas City International for twenty minutes before being rerouted to St. Louis to refuel.

Speaking of Columbus, that is one Apple town. I guess it makes sense with 50,000+ students. But everywhere I went (a hearty hey hey hey to Buckeye Donuts, Cafe Apropos, Cup o’ Joes) the counters were virtually draped in black and white plastics and Apple logos.

So, here’s the deal- the March coupon code is still running (scroll down to my last post for more info), but here’s a special deal for you 50,000+. Email eric@iresq.com your name, Ohio State student ID, and six-digit invoice number for an extra $10 off any Apple portable computer repair before June. And have a good spring break, kids. I’m jealous.

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