I bless the rains down in KC

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The smell is in the air. Cool, crisp, but sunny. This morning I woke up to the sight of beautiful rays of sunlight streaming between my window blinds. I can hear bird songs through the window. Birds! This, to me is my personal indicator that spring has arrived, the sweet sound of birds chirping. We still don’t have any leaves on the trees here in Kansas City, but the grass is starting to turn green. Oh the little things in life.

You have to understand, living in the Midwest, we simply can’t take spring and summer for granted. We have four distinct seasons here. When its winter, its freezing. When its spring, its beautiful. When its summer time, its hot. And I mean HOT. You get the point. I used to live in the south where we didn’t have to really deal with long, freezing winters. We had leaves on the trees all year round constantly populated with birds. I simply did not have the same appreciation for the four seasons as I do now. Its no wonder that I love it when spring arrives.

Springtime in Kansas City is visual bliss. The word beautiful can’t even describe it. To me nothing beats hanging out in my back yard, grilling ribs, and chatting it up with my friends and family while enjoying the beautiful sites of the land starting to come alive. And of course, I’ll have my iPhone hooked up to the stereo system streaming my all time favorite Toto station on Pandora. Pure bliss. The only happier time of the year than this to me is when football season starts. I have hopes for our Chiefs but I am not going to delve into that now. Its finally spring, its finally warm, and we are finally starting to see life bloom all around us. No need for me to think that far ahead in the future when I have the here and now to enjoy. For now, I am going to grab my MacBook, my camera, and my family and head out to as many parks as I can to take photos of all the beautiful sites here in KC.

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Take a look at some pictures I took last year to see how much of a difference two seasons can make here in Kansas City.


Last winter
Last Winter
Last Spring
Last Spring


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