How to take care of an aging iPhone

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Apple's iPhone is now a mainstay in modern society, and a recent iPhone commercial highlights how prevalent these devices have become. The commercial shows brief clips of all types of people in a variety of scenarios using their iPhone camera to take pictures of notable events in their lives and sharing them using a number of apps.

While the commercial is a great visual display of iPhone's impact on living, another example recently came from Mel Martin, an editor for The Unofficial Apple Weblog. He shared details about a recent trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, in which he observed how iPhones were practically everywhere as people used them to take pictures of the scenic landscape. Martin noted that the last time he had visited the park was in the time before the “age of the smartphone,” and now that he had returned, he was struck by the changes.

“I saw a lot of iPhones in the crowds of people gathered at the rim of Bryce Canyon waiting for the sunset,” Martin wrote. “I saw a couple of Android phones, but there could have been more. I walked up to a large group of young girls from Tennessee and asked how many were using iPhones? Every hand went up. I asked them if they were still using their old point-and-shoot cameras, and everyone had dropped them for an iPhone.”

Getting the most from your aging iPhone camera
As iPhones seem to take over the world, it is important to know how to properly take care of these devices. While they are advanced gadgets, the average lifespan for a smartphone today is between 18 months and two years. But many people want to keep their favorite devices longer, which requires a bit of maintenance and tender loving care.

In a recent Japan Times article, contributor Amy Chavez shared her personal experience with her aging smartphone.

“[A]fter three years, my iPhone started showing signs of Alzheimer's,” Chavez wrote. “I ignored the warning signs, mistaking them for senility. After all, there was still plenty of memory left in the old girl. At her age, it was only natural that her reaction time would slow down.”

One problem that Chavez detailed was that the camera aperture began taking longer and longer to open, and eventually stopped working completely. However, Chavez had not purchased extended warranties or insurance on the device.

In a situation like the one encountered by Chavez, iResQ's iPhone repair services are an ideal option – especially for those who are particularly attached to their phones. Our skilled technicians can replace malfunctioning parts and get your devices back in top working order once more, extending your relationship with one of your most trusted pals.

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