How to read webpages more easily in Safari

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If you have an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, you may spend a lot of your time using the Safari browser to surf the Web and read content. With improvements made to iOS 5.0 and later, you can now easily optimize your reading experience in Safari to remove clutter and keep track of pages that you would like to read later.

Safari for iOS features a small button labeled “Reader.” When you open up a compatible website, the button appears on the rightmost side of your URL bar. Writing for CNET, Dennis O'Reilly explained that the Reader function resizes the text and reformats the entire page. This ability makes websites look better on your mobile device, since many of them are designed for viewing on a widescreen desktop or laptop computer and are not optimized by default for smaller screens.

With the iPhone, you may be used to browsing in portrait mode, but O'Reilly also suggests utilizing landscape mode. In that orientation, you can tap the full-screen button in the lower right to have the current page fitted to occupy the entire screen.

Reading it Later
All versions of Safari have functions that let you save or remember pages for later. Pressing the arrow-shaped share button on any page in iOS brings up an option to add it to your Reading List. This feature is then available in your bookmarks bar on any iOS or OS X device with iCloud enabled, according to Allison Kazmucha at iMore.

Another option is to save a certain site link directly to your iPhone's home screen. The share button at the bottom of Safari contains an option to do that, noted LifeHacker contributor Adam Dachis. If you do, an icon that looks like a normal app appears on that screen. Press on it and it will take you to the specified site. You can give the icon a custom name and use it to avoid having to enter that URL in Safari every time you wish to visit the site.

For images, O'Reilly noted that you can save them for later by tapping and hold them in Safari. Doing so gives you the option to save them to your camera roll or transfer them to another app.

Safari can provide a rich and comfortable reading experience. But if you need more help with optimizing your device, such as getting iPhone repair to correct performance or hardware issues, then iResQ and its expert technicians are a great resource!

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