How to keep track of files between your ​Apple devices – Part 2

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In part one, we looked at how to move your virtual belongings around on your MacBook and iOS devices, using iCloud or other cloud services. Simple enough, right? Well, what if rather than syncing, you wanted to instead just pick up your files from one machine and drop them onto the other one – either your own or a friend's? That might be a stretch, but Apple has already implemented the next best thing, called AirDrop, which turns the task of moving anything between your Apple devices into a game of drag-and-drop.

AirDrop on your MacBook
Right now, AirDrop is only available for Mac. AirDrop uses your Wi-Fi connection and your iCloud account (which is required) to transfer files quickly between Macs, obviating the need to attach hundreds of photos to an email or install extra apps like Dropbox, observed iMore's Allyson Kazmucha. To use AirDrop, your computer and any computer it wants to share with must both be running OS X 10.7 Lion.

The AirDrop menu can easily be located in Finder. Simply open up a Finder window on your MacBook and click on “AirDrop” in the left column. If your other Mac or a friend's Mac is within range and also connected to AirDrop, then their profile will appear in that window. After that, things are easy: Simply drag a file from your computer into the window and wait and hope that the other person accepts it.

The future of AirDrop: iOS
Moving files between Macs is great, but what about moving them between your iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch? AirDrop for iOS is coming soon, according to ReadWriteWeb contributor Brian S. Hall.

The upcoming iOS 7 incorporates a number of features, including AirDrop compatibility. One AirDrop is released for iOS, in order to use it, users must have an iPhone 5, iPad mini, fourth generation iPad or fifth generation iPod touch, in addition to an iCloud account. Hall listed photo sharing and improvements to Apple's Passbook apps as potential benefits of AirDrop.

One advantage of AirDrop for iOS is that you won't have to bump your devices together to transfer files, which Hall noted was a technique used by some other iOS apps. Keep iResQ in mind, however, if your device suffers an unexpected bump or “airdrop” –  our technicians will get it working again in no time with their knowledge of iPod repair and MacBook repair!

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