How to improve your iMessage experience

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Do you use iMessage? It's a convenient way to send texts and photos to your contacts from your iOS device or MacBook. Unlike SMS, it doesn't rack up any carrier fees, and instead of having to memorize a phone number, you can also message friends using their Apple ID. Sounds perfect, right?

There are a few drawbacks, however. Most notably, you are vulnerable to spam from advertisers, not only on your iPhone but also on any iPad, iPod touch or MacBook that is connected to the same Apple account, observed Gotta Be Mobile writer Chuong Nguyen. Apple recently addressed the issue by creating a channel through which iOS users can report spam. It also plans to implement some much needed blocking features in the upcoming iOS 7.

The first thing to do when you receive iMessage spam is to take a screenshot, advised Mac World's Lex Friedman. To take a screenshot on an iOS device, press the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously. On a MacBook, press Command-Shift-3 for a full screen capture or Command-Shift-4 for a partial one. After capturing it, be sure to note the sender's email, Apple ID or phone number, and attach all of the items to an email addressed to

In iOS 7, users will be able to block a person from either their Contacts address book app or within iMessage itself. A successful block will prevent that contact from reaching you via iMessage, FaceTime video chats or traditional phone calls, noted Nguyen.

Cutting down on spam can protect your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or MacBook from potential software issues. For hardware damage, send it to iResQ for rapid, thorough iPad repair or MacBook repair.

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