Houston, We No Longer Have a Problem

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Hi all,

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? Rocket!

Please pardon the astronaut puns and jokes. There really is a reason for all this nonsense. I recently traveled to the city of Houston, Texas. In case you didn’t know, it’s the home of the Johnson Space Center which is a NASA base. I’m sure they are tired of the, “Houston, we have a problem” quotes ever since Apollo 13 came out.

The reason I went to Houston shall remain top-secret, but I did stop by the Galleria while I was there to drop in on the Apple Store. If you ever go, make sure you talk to Mary — she’s the best. Here are a couple of pics that I snapped from my iPhone (In the first, check out the real live Texas cowboy):

So there you have it. I will say though, not EVERYTHING was bigger in Texas. The iPods and iPhones were still the same size; I checked.

ONE LAST THING — I wanted to give y’all (Texas style) a shot at 10% off an approved repair. Good through February 26 2010, email Mick (mick@iresq.com) with the coupon code ASTRONAUT plus your order number and he will apply the discount. Remember, this expires at 5PM CST on Feb. 26 and only will apply to approved repairs, not on shipping or part only orders.

Have a great weekend and don’t mess with Texas!

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