Holiday Parties and Winding Down 2010

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Hey all,

The iResQ offices are buzzing today because we’re having our annual holiday party. We will be enjoying some yummy Italian catered food from a local restaurant called Johnny Cascone’s. We had a company wide vote and Italian got the nod. The holiday party is always nice because we all get together for a big lunch and celebrate another successful year. We have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.

There’s an animated gif that gets IM’d and emailed around the tech room when someone is excited. I think this animated gif sums up how we feel:

We're pumped for our holiday party today!

Also — something exciting you should know about if you own an iPhone, Touch, or iPad —

EA (Electronic Arts) is having an amazing sale on their iPhone/iPod touch and iPad apps. They are all 99 cents right now. Usually their titles are $9.99 so it’s a good idea to get these right now if you’re interested. I’ve already grabbed Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Madden NFL 11, Tiger Woods, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. They’re also great to buy as gifts… for example, my soon-to-be nephew is getting an iPod touch for Christmas (hope he doesn’t read this) and as an added bonus, his parents are going to load it up with EA games for 99 cents each. Apparently the touch is a hit with the young kids these days.

Madden 11 for iPhone -- I took this screenshot with my phone after nabbing Madden for 99 cents!

Here’s where I found out about this deal: Huge EA Games Sale!!!

That’s all for now, folks. Have a great couple of weeks to close out 2010. Thanks for reading and your continued business in 2011.

Until next time,

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