Hey Hey Hey, it’s Fat Albert.

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you put on a few extra pounds? Maybe a few hundred extra? Well wonder no longer. One of the most entertaining apps I’ve seen in a long time is only $.99 at the app store, and it’s well worth it. It pays for itself in laughs.

Before and After Krispy Kreme

Fatbooth, from the developers of Aging Booth, takes a picture of your face and adds some rolls, a few chins, and a rosy glow so you know exactly what you’d look like if you supersized on a daily basis. It gets more entertaining still when you and your friends make faces, or have exaggerated accessories like big glasses or creepy mustaches. Try it, I dare you. Anyway, I’m going to humble myself for a moment and show you my results:


Eww. Well, now I have tangible motivation to keep running and stay in shape.

In other Apple news, the relationship with AT&T is still a little rocky. Apple engineers are under a bit of fire from hundreds of thousands of Verizon customers who are clamoring for an iPhone of their own, which may come as early as first quarter next year if the rumors are true. Then again, the rumors probably aren’t true, as Apple has complained about the stability of the network and then decided to stay with AT&T for the last three years. Also, engadget.com has some updates on the new WiFi trackpad device that Apple should be launching by the end of this year. Looks like the FCC says GO.

Well, stay tuned to Apple news- now that the reception issue is “solved,” at least temporarily, they’re going to be busy shipping bumpers for the next few weeks. But if your iPhone 4 is flat-out broken, go ahead and send it to us and we’ll take care of you. Until next time.

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