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Hello shiny happy people. How’s your Monday treating you? It’s pretty gloomy here at iResQ thanks to a sloppy gray dripping of a storm, but that’s no reason to be down. Know why? Because several awesome things happened this weekend. First, Betty White hosted SNL much to the elation of thousands of vocal FaceBook users. And the 88 year old Golden Girl was pretty dang funny at times. Second, it was Mothers Day, of course. Did you all take care of your moms and send cards and flowers and whatnot? Shame on you if you forgot. My wife and I spent her first Mothers Day the way every new mom wants to spend it. And by mom, I mean dad. And by the way she wants to spend it, I mean sitting on the couch with the baby and watching several hours of Friday Night Lights on NetFlix. My wife is awesome.

The final reason is this: I was just introduced to a little site called Now some of you may be well familiar with this supremely entertaining internet time-waster, but if you’re not you should check it out. The whole concept is if you can type, you can make movies. It’s pre-animated characters and scenarios that you edit by adding dialogue, actions, sounds and expressions, then it renders everything for you. A quick example of the fun you can have in just five minutes:

So there you have it. Now go waste some time. And if you break your iPhone, MacBook, iPod or iPad, you can be just as excited as the flatulent Englishman. iResQ is here.

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