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Here’s a helpful suggestion for you football lovers: don’t attempt fantasy football draft on your iPhone. I attempted to do my draft (the old school non-flash way) on my iPhone last night and it was an utter failure. I ended up with several auto-picks because my network dropped a bunch. I particularly loved how when I was about to snatch up  a back-up QB for bye weeks, Kurt Warner, my network stalled at the last second and it auto-picked unproven Tight End “VERNON DAVIS” in round 6. That was so awesome.

Lesson learned – that’s the last time I’ll lazy my way through a draft by using my iPhone.

On the subject of iPhones, we have been totally flooded lately with iPhone repairs and happy iPhone customers. We have gotten a bunch of iPhone 3G parts in for repair so don’t hesitate to send yours in. We’ll take care of it for you.

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