Helloooooo Springtime!

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FINALLY.   It is so wonderful to have you back, springtimes.

As some of you may know from my previous blogs, I can’t really stand cold weather.    The last couple of weeks here in KC have been sunny and mid 70’s.    My fiance and I are out gardening, I changed the oil in the riding lawn mower and mowed the lawn already!     Pretty nuts.   I love it.    I think I can now say, unequivocally, that Spring is my favorite time of the year.    Yeppp!

Last Friday I got my motorcycle all licensed, tagged, oil-changed and ready to roll.    I’ve been on it nonstop all weekend — drove my car for the first time in 4 days today.    Simply wonderful.     I’ve been searching high and low for pics of my bike but I can’t find them anywhere!     I’ll be sure to followup with some pics later on, but it’s a 1974 BMW R60/6 – classic BMW bike.     Right now I’m a little light in the wallet because I had to get new tires put on it, but those of you who also ride know how dangerous bald tires can be.    My old ones were balder than my own head.

Well things are going great here at iResQ.    iPhones, iPods, Portables and even iPads are flowing in for us to get back in working order to our loyal customers.    The guys in the tech room are cooking out every day during their lunch hour, and I can smell the grill back here in my office.     Ahhh I love it.

So let’s do a Springtime QPON, why don’t we?    Email me your order confirmation number to mick@iresq.com with the QPON code ‘Bunny Fur‘ (that’s right, you have to type out ‘bunny fur’ to get a discount!) and I’ll knock 6 bucks off of your order.   As always THIS QPON DOES NOT APPLY TO DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES, only repairs.

OK I’m starving to death and my leftover, world famous crock pot roast (thanks Ryan) is heating up in the microwave ready for me to eat.     Have a wonderful time and give your friends and family a hug!


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