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Alright, folks. The techs here at iResQ are pretty slammed, so I’ll make this brief. There hasn’t been a ton of attention dedicated to Apple’s new line of desktop gear since the iPhone antenna and bumper mess has been soaked up by all major media outlets, but it has to be addressed. Let’s start small. Mini, in fact. The new Mac Mini: have you ever seen a machine more beautifully sleek than that? Let’s take a look again:

Oh, wow. I want one. Actually, I want two that will fit in the same space my Core 2 Duo Mini is currently occupying. And it’s nearly twice as fast and has a shiny new NVIDIA graphics processor, plus an HDMI port. And, just in time for a new line of desktops, the trackpad made famous by the UniBody MacBook Pro is now conveniently available for all your top-of-the-desk needs. Now, it’s extremely unlikely that in one generation consumers raised on the mouse will abandon tradition in favor of a big pad half the size of their keyboard, but it’s an interesting concept that will almost certainly shape the future of user hardware.

Next, the big Papa Bear of the desktop family- the new Mac Pro. Bet you didn’t think it could be faster, more powerful, more, um, processy. But that was before Apple put 12 cores in it. Now, there’s more processing power than you could possibly need. But just in case you do, it’s there. And finally, the biggest change in performance- the new iMac. With a 3.06 or 3.2GHz new Intel i3 processor, the iMac is now at it’s fastest, and the new ATI Radeon with 512MB of VRAM doesn’t look to shabby either. Take a gander at Engadget’s shot of the familiar, but still stunning design:


So check out your nearest Apple retail store if you want to test drive the new hardware. Until next week, everybody.

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