Happy Mashed Potato Day!

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

And turkey, and stuffing, and gravy, and cranberries and pie as well. God Bless America, everybody. Who else would dedicate an entire day to football and food stuffed with other food all in the name of nationwide appreciation? I do not lie when I say that the other 364 days for me are just preparation for and anticipation of this, the greatest of all holidays. I hope you share my enthusiasm this week.

But I’m excited for more than just one reason; I think I am the only person in America that predicted a Chiefs victory over the defending champion Steelers. So eat it, Pittsburgh. Just kidding- I’m actually a big fan of your program. But I’m also a fan of not giving up and of fighting through bitter overtime in the face of all adversity and of making clutch third down sacks on a slippery behemoth of a quarterback. And only one team did that Sunday. So huzzah. No, it doesn’t resurrect our season by any means, but it’s progress. So huzzah.

Let’s make it easy to save some money this week, friends. Email the coupon code “Stuffing” to eric@iresq.com with your web confirmation number by this Thursday and I’ll take $10 off your next MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair. And save me some pumpkin pie.


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