Happy Halloween!

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Hey boys and ghouls (HAHAHA OVERWHELMING LAUGHTER), you ready for All Hallow’s Eve? Man, I love this holiday. Costumes (or disguises according to Dillon the iPhone tech) and candy and apples covered in copious amounts of sugary sticky caramel give everyone an excuse to kind of go crazy for just a few hours all at the same time. What frivolity. Sadly, since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we at iResQ opted to not hold our annual costume and pumpkin carving contest, but no matter. Since I have no pictures of Bryan dressed as a pig, or Mick dressed as Rick Flair, or myself dressed as Mick for you, I went ahead and found three of the most hilariously awful costumes of all time for you. Without further ado:


Ok, sure. Plenty of people dress like Storm Troopers. And a few dress like the King of Burgers. Tough decision, I understand. But what would America be without the freedom to choose to dress as both? I ask you that, freedom haters.


Now I’m as much of a Small Wonder fan as anybody. Who doesn’t love a whimsical tale of a family who has a charming robot for a daughter? But I don’t know a girl who would ever ask to wear a plastic Vicki costume. Whatever gets the candy, I guess.


I… but… but that’s… can’t…. Nope. For once I have no words.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and be safe out there. Don’t forget iResQ is always here in case the parties get a little crazy and your iPod, iPhone or MacBook suffers. Boo.

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