Happy 4th!!!

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Hey everybody!

Just getting ready to hang ’em up for a long holiday weekend and wanted to drop in really quickly and wish everyone a happy 4th of July!  Man, what a summer it’s been.  We’ve already had a week of 100 degree weather and it was only June.  Our Royals have already been demolished by the weakest division in baseball and Nate shaved off his mustache.  This is turning out to be one crazy summer!


Anyway, I’m going to buy a ton of fireworks Friday afternoon and basically blow up my back yard Sat afternoon.  A few friends are coming over and we’re going to grill out — you know, the standard 4th of July setup.  Looking forward to it.

Well, I’m just now updating my iPod for the party, need to hide my Macbook from the moon travelers w/report and charge the iPhone for inevitable flaky party-goers.

In honor of a very safe and fun holiday, I extend to you the QPON ‘SATURN MISSLE‘ for 6 bucks off of your repair.    As always, this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.   Simply email me your iResQ confirmation number to mick@iresq.com and I’ll apply the discount.

Farewell for now… I will leave you with this wonderful image:


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