Hail to the Chief

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Happy MLK day, everyone. Especially those of you who work for banks, government offices or in real estate, like my wife. Did you all have a nice day off? Go ahead. Rub it in. Seriously though, what a glorious holiday to ring in Barack Obama’s inauguration tomorrow. Be sure to check it out- if you can’t watch it live, there will be extended coverage Tuesday night. Um, after American Idol.

So, after I raved about the Chipotle app last week, I was informed of an even more amazing, more gratuitous app for your iPhone and iPod Touch. That’s right- the Glam Band Trivia app. So everybody run out and get it (or push the App Store button and get it) because next week I’ve got questions about Warrant and the Crue galore. For prizes. And who doesn’t love prizes? Until next week, friends. Rock and/or Roll.

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