Grand Slam.

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Big week, friends. Saints win their first Super Bowl. Denny’s is once again giving away free breakfast type foods. And yours truly has a birthday. Yep, the big magical 2-7, the age when all your dreams come true. Huzzah. Oh, yeah. And MacWorld Expo is coming. Should be plenty of questions and speculations and rumors and possibly answers regarding the iPad, fourth generation iPhone and the future of the MacBook and iPod.

Here at iResQ we’re getting ramped up for iPad and new iPhone repairs, available immediately after product release. It’s always exciting when we get to open up a new device after repairing tens of thousands of the old ones over and over again. Take a look around the slick new iResQ site and be sure to see our new notebook repairs like flat-rate keyboard services and 750GB hard drive upgrades.

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