Getting rid of old gadgets doesn’t have to be hard

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No one likes goodbyes, and it may be especially hard with a beloved gadget. But if you've recently upgraded and have an old iPod or MacBook that isn't working as well as it once did, it may be time to part with it by selling it online. A good first step is to look into iPod repair or MacBook repair to iron out any issues that would discourage a buyer. Ars Technica recently provided some other pointers.

“You begin by selecting the product you're trying to sell back, whether it's an iPhone, an old Nokia phone, a laptop, or a tablet,” the website said, describing the process used by a majority of websites that are marketplaces for devices. “Once you're done choosing the exact item you have – and you must choose the right version with the right specs – they ask you to rate your gadget's physical condition, ability to boot properly, and a handful of other questions (Did you reset the passwords? Are you including a power cable? Are there restore CDs?).”

After this, an offer is usually made based on the information provided. A box is sent and the device can easily be packaged and shipped. Payment is often made via PayPal, and some services offer payment in gift cards.

Another service that may be of interest, AppleInsider said, is Apple's own buy-back program. This would give money back via an Apple Gift Card once the device is sent in. Of course, once you've sent your device in for iPod or MacBook repair and it comes out spiffed up and running smoothly, you may decide not to sell at all. In this case, you may want to use the machine to back up your most important data just in case something unexpected happens to your new device. Or you could use your older iPod for more risky adventures that could expose it to the elements, like trips to the beach.

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