Get naked with DIY skin cancer app

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Looking for a reason to keep your Apple smartphone in good shape with iPhone repair? Check out the new DIY skin cancer app that has been designed to diagnose users via 23 nude photos of themselves. While it may sound strange, The Atlantic said the University of Michigan app allows people to take the pictures as comparison.

“UMSkinCheck establishes a degree of clinical objectivity in the self-exam,” the news source said. “Aside from establishing your skin's baseline, this new, free app includes a risk-assessment survey, periodic reminders to check your body for any signs of cancer, and examples of cancerous lesions so that you know what you're looking for.”

The developers say the app is a cost-effective alternative, but it requires some time and patience to set up, as someone will need a partner to help take 23 different poses of nude photographs in order for the program to work as it should.

CNET said even with this app, people should still visit doctors to get baseline testing, but this can help keep track of any ongoing skin conditions.

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