Get more out of watching TV by using these apps

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Is it even possible to watch TV without another device in your hands these days? Whether you’re texting, looking up trivia or chatting about shows on social networks, using an iPhone or iPad as a second screen while watching TV is a widespread habit.

A recent MacWorld feature pointed out some apps designed to enhance that experience with features that recommend shows or offer social options. For browsing TV listings and finding new shows, the site recommended TV Guide Mobile, which it also cited as the best app for finding streaming shows through other online services.

For social features, MacWorld recommended GetGlue, which has a large community of users discussing shows. In terms of innovation, the site highlighted Into_Now, which can detect the show you’re watching from the audio that’s playing. MacWorld noted that none of the second screen apps currently available offer a full package of listings, recommendations, social and streaming features, but each can fill its niche.

For those who want to actually stream content on their iPhone or iPad, MacLife recommended several other apps including, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Popcornflix and Fanhattan.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy TV with your iOS device, a cracked screen or other accident can make it difficult to watch. With iPad repair and iPhone repair from iResQ, it’s easy to get back to enjoying your favorite programs.

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