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Ahoy! So much happening this week, so let’s get right to it. Item 1: iPad. Shipping this weekend. Hooray. EDIT: Be sure to check out our line of iPad Repairs in case you are unfortunate enough to break one. Item 2: iPhone rumors. It looks like there’s a relatively strong possibility that the new iPhone, launching in June as always, may be released in two different versions, or at least with the capability to run on other networks. That’s right. Verizon may be the next happy home of the world’s most popular smart phone. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s latest.

Item 3: iResQ is posting video tutorials for performing some of our most common repairs, so you can try them yourself! Here’s my personal favorite, the MacBook LCD replacement. So go at it, if you’re so bold.

And finally, my iTunes pick of the week- last summer Alex Ebert, best known for fronting Ima Robot, put out a record with a new ensemble called Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Somewhat of a concept album (at least thematically) Up From Below is a stunning and often bizarre album that walks a line between accessible pop riffs and lofty orchestral arrangements. And occasionally there’s a vocal harmony that almost sounds like a throwback to a David Cassidy ballad. But, you know. Awesome.

Not Alex Ebert
Not Alex Ebert

You’ve probably heard Home and Desert Song, but if you haven’t, check out the record on iTunes. Enjoy, friends.

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